IT was a busy weekend for Coffs Harbour Police, with a spate of crimes around the area reaching an unusual high.

Senior Constable Forbes of the Coffs Harbour Police Station, who worked the weekend shift, attributed the mayhem to, of all things, the phase of the moon.

"We are usually busy around the time of the full moon. We have had five break-and-enters and three assaults reported ? it's been a big weekend," he said.

According to Senior Const. Forbes, police have once again had their hands full dealing with beach party-related incidents.

"A lot of police have been dealing with juveniles ? full moon and alcohol is a great combination," he said.

"We had an assault in the Marina Drive area on Saturday night. A 17-year-old male victim took a hit to the back of the head with a broken bottle at a party in the Jetty area, where 50 youths were in attendance. The offender then threw a rock at the victim's head. The victim received a number of stitches to the back of the head, and four stitches to the right hand. A young juvenile is wanted for questioning over this incident.

"Police and the Safe Party Squad were in attendance, and the kids were told to move on."

Also on Saturday night, about 10 young people high-tailed it into the bush as police approached a group of about 30 young people converging in the Diggers Beach reserve area.

Police confiscated alcohol from the group.

Young people were not the only ones, it seems, to be affected by the madness of the moon.

Crime continued around the Coffs Harbour area on Saturday night, with a major assault taking place outside the Plantation Hotel, while not far down the road, an armed robbery occured at the Coffs Harbour BP.

According to the police report, at 10.30 on Saturday night a male described as having a solid build and wearing a polar fleeced hooded jacket and black balaclava approached the operator at the BP petrol station holding what the victim believes was a hand gun.

After taking an amount of money from the premises, the man fled in the direction of Beryl Street.

A number of items were found nearby and taken for forensics testing, and police are appealing to the public to come forward if anyone has any information on the crime.

Head injuries

A 23-year-old Coffs Harbour man was flown to Sydney hospital suffering serious head injuries after an argument broke out outside the Plantation Hotel at 3.30am Saturday.

A 25-year-old male from Green Valley, who was holidaying on the Coffs Coast with family and friends, has been accused by police of swinging a single punch to the victim's head.

The force of the blow allegedly knocked the victim to the ground, where his head hit the concrete.

Police were on the scene immediately and arrested the assailant, who was charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

He was bailed to appear in court on August 23.

As of Saturday afternoon, the victim remained in a serious but stable condition.

Rock throwing

IN AN incident at the Coffs Harbour Jetty, a group of 10 people assaulted a man in his car at 1.20am on Saturday. The group approached the vehicle and, after verbally assaulting the occupant, threw a rock at the rear passenger window.

Police are still investigating the incident.

Romper stomper

A VICIOUS assault took place at 11.30 pm on Friday night in Boultwood Street, Coffs Harbour.

After hearing a disturbance outside his house, a 24-year-old man went out to investigate, and was set upon by a group of three males.The victim was punched to the ground, and then kicked and stomped on.

Police are still investigating the incident.

Thieves active

A SERIES of break-and-enters occurred in the Coffs area over the weekend.

A sneaky thief got away with a pair of Nike shoes and a wallet containing an amount of money at Holiday Park, Park Beach, on Friday night.

Between 12am and 8am the offender forced entry into the cabin while the victim was sleeping.

Also on Friday night, the Sawtell Rugby League Football Club was also broken into, and $400 worth of beer and mixed spirits were taken.

On Saturday, a laptop computer was stolen from the North Coast Shed Market, on the Pacific Highway, and in a separate incident, a wallet and car keys with an iPod laptop encoder went missing from a dwelling in Boultwood street early Sunday morning.

Police are still investigating the incidents.

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Covert operation sees man charged with child procurement

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Automated vehicle trial announced for Coffs Harbour

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