We are happy in Coffs, thanks


CORINDI BEACH Residents' Group spokeswoman Sally Wilson is happy in Coffs Harbour City and does not want become a resident of Clarence Valley Council.

The small community of Corindi Beach, along with nearby Red Rock and neighbouring rural areas, became part of Coffs Harbour earlier this year and many residents are now happy with the change.

But their association with the city could be short lived if Clarence Valley Council (CVC) gets its way.

CVC was formed earlier this year following an amalgamation which consumed Pristine Waters Council, which had formerly administered the Corindi/Red Rock area.

It has requested the Department of Local Government change the boundary with Coffs Harbour to include Corindi/Red Rock in its area.

The move is being opposed by Coffs Harbour and according to Ms Wilson, many residents would be happy for things to stay as they are.

"I can't say we represent the view of every resident but dealing with Coffs Harbour Council has been a far more positive experience than dealing with Pristine Waters," she said.

"Maybe it's a honeymoon period but they seem more professional and respond quickly to our concerns.

"It's a talking point among residents. People say 'I rang Coffs Council and they got back to me!'"

Ms Wilson said residents in Upper Corindi had different issues because they were in a rural area and could be better off with CVC.

Red Rock Preservation Association representative Gwyn Austen said her group would discuss the issue at its meeting next week but she was personally happy to stay with Coffs Harbour.

"From my experience, Coffs Harbour is much more efficient and better to deal with," she said.

"There are a number of people who think it is in their interests to be part of Clarence Valley and we will probably have to canvas the whole membership of the association to find the wider view."

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