Warriors are a laugh a minute


IF the reality of the situation wasn't so vitally important the story would be downright amusing.

Will Gimbisi Valley appply for admittance to the 2007 Group 2 season or won't they?

Nobody knows for certain, or if they do, nobody's saying one way or the other.

Group secretary Peter O'Grady says conflicting reports have left him bemused.

"I heard a story the club was defunct so I rang up an official to make sure," he said.

"At one part of the conversation I was told the club had folded, then next moment the same person said it hadn't.

"It beats me."

Not even Warriors president Tony Gray could clarify the status of the club.

When asked by the Coffs Coast Advocate if Gimbisi delegates would attend Group 2's annual general meeting at Nambucca Heads this Sunday, Gray responded: "We'll be in attendance."

But when asked whether the club intended to re-apply for admission, Gray answered: "I can't say but I'll let you know when I get there."

Under Country Rugby League rules each constituent club must make a formal application at an AGM and may be questioned on a variety of issues including financial viability.

Clubs then vote for or against admittance.

Gimbisi are scheduled third in line to face their peers this Sunday following submissions from Bellinger Valley-Dorrigo and Coffs Harbour.

Waiting in the wings to apply for admission is Dunghutti Titans, senior arm of the Broncos club based in the junior league.

Or at least they were until yesterday when Kempsey sources hinted the Titans may not proceed with their application for inclusion.

A recent television interview identified triple premiership-winner Paul Davis as prospective coach while stressing no connection with any other club, including Gimbisi Valley.

But days out from the meeting that could decide their fate the Titans have also pulled down the shutters and begun sending mixed signals.

A spokesperson asked not to be named and said 'no comment on anything' would be made.

The Group 2 secretary said the situation was becoming farcical.

"Everything seems to change by the hour," O'Grady said.

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