It?s often said the shapes of cellos and violins are based on the female form and Coffs Harbour sculptor John Van Der Kolk has
It?s often said the shapes of cellos and violins are based on the female form and Coffs Harbour sculptor John Van Der Kolk has

Vandals warned: Tony is angry!


TONY Worldon has a warning to the vandals who smashed yet another window at his shop: you can run, but you can't hide.

The owner of Fearce Performance is determined to find out who did the damage some time during Tuesday night, because it's the third time his shop has been vandalised in just a month ? and he's had enough.

"The first time, they damaged three windows, and the second time they smashed the glass door and stole $2500 worth of stock," Mr Worldon said.

Over the course of the month, Mr Worldon says he has had to fork out $5000 worth of window replacements and about $1000 to redo his signage.

With the lost stock, he has lost a total of $8500, and while he is insured, when you run a small business that's big money.

"We've only owned this business for eight months, so you can imagine how angry I am," he said.

"Some might think we can afford that sort of money, but we try our hardest to keep our prices down so people don't have to go into town. When things like this happen, it makes it really hard."

Cameras are being installed in the Busy Bee Shopping Centre at Toormina to prevent further attacks. Mr Worldon said he can't afford not to put cameras into the shop, which would cost him about another $4000.

But it's not just the financial losses, it's the stress and heartache that such mindless destruction brings.

"The first thing I saw when I arrived this morning was the grate they used to smash the window. I thought here we go again," Mr Worldon said.

The window shattered but didn't break, but the offenders used so much force that a bookshelf resting against the inside of the window moved forward about three centimetres.

"They might have been kids who think it's fun to do this, or they may have been adults trying to break in, but either way, it's devastating," Mr Worldon said.

"They don't realise what it does to other people."

He said police took fingerprints yesterday, and he hoped the vandals would be caught soon.

"I'd like to see them go to jail, or better still I'd like to see them have to do community service where they have to fix damage like this," he said.

"This way they might understand what it's like. They would learn the consequences of their actions, not just to them but to the owners of the shops that are getting damaged. That would probably be good for them.

"But this is a small town and eventually I'll find out who did it."

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