Truck stop terror!


KYLE White and his partner, Janelle Tyndal, feared for their lives in a vicious road rage attack at Halfway Creek on Saturday afternoon.

The Gloucester couple were still in a state of shock yesterday ahead of their trip to hospital to check the extent of their injuries after a truckie bashed them with an iron bar.

Kyle, a country music writer and former Sydney rugby league first grader, feared his knee had been badly injured, while Janelle was sporting many bruises.

Kyle claims the B-double driver tailgated their Nissan four-wheel-drive for at least 45 minutes on Saturday as they drove south on the Pacific Highway.

"He nearly ran up the back of us. He continually sat on our tail," Kyle said.

"I started to worry."

He said that as they turned off at the Shell Service Station at Halfway Creek about 3pm, the semi swerved towards them before continuing south.

"We didn't think anything of it. We thought he might have been behind time," Kyle said.

"We went and got a drink and as we came outside, we saw him crouched under his truck. He ran towards our car screaming. It was unbelievable."

Kyle said the truckie grabbed Janelle's head as she sat in the driver's seat and pulled her hair and punched her.

When Kyle got out of the car to help, the truckie also attacked him.

"When I restrained him, he was kicking me and trying to bite me," he said.

Kyle let him go and he told Janelle to get back in the car and go, but then the truckie reappeared with an iron bar, blocking their escape.

"He said he was going to kill me," Kyle said.

Their assailant then obliterated the passenger side window of the 4WD.

Janelle was hit around the legs when she got out of the car and Kyle then grabbed the man and held onto him.

"Then, like a lightswitch, he stopped," Kyle said.

The truckie continued heading south but was stopped and arrested at Woolgoolga.

Police interviewed the 46-year-old Queenslander and later released him, pending further inquiries.

Police questioned Kyle and Janelle at the scene before letting them head home.

"The police officer said it looked like something out of a movie," Kyle said.

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