Time for a clean out

We have all heard the rumours of disruptions in the Comets' camp and it's hard to differentiate fact from fiction.

To his credit, club president, Ian Trengove, isn't denying the story and admits his frustration without being willing to throw in the towel.

A number of players have moved on while others are threatening to leave.

If this is the case, as someone looking on from the gallery, I reckon they can't be sent on their way quickly enough.

While they're at it, take the baggage of interfering busybodies who are in their ears inflating their egos above their ability with them.

Their departure will create numerous opportunities for players willing to succeed under quality coaches and caring officials.

The pockets of dissatisfaction can't be due to money.

After trying times the club is deep in black ink with record sponsorships flowing in the door.

Comets players traditionally earn the best money in Group 2 with as much as 60 per cent of gross turnover finding its way to the playing staff, it can't be due to poor treatment.

Coffs players are the most pampered in the competition.

Many times I've cringed in embarrassment after witnessing officials and coaches go to impossible lengths to soothe hurt feelings only to be rewarded with a knife wound between the shoulderblades.

If ever a club was in need of a cleanout of overinflated opinions of ability and the clinging hangers-on stirring up trouble from behind, it's this one.

Coffs Harbour in my opinion suffers from a faceless group who while they may not always hold official positions wield more power than they should.

Theres a clique ? an Old Guard who refuse to let go and allow the incoming workers and coaches do the job they were elected for and paid to do without a prevalence of Chinese whispers.

Since Jock Moore won the title in 1985 I can't name a single coach who has retired unscathed from knives in the back.

It's ludicrous that Coffs coaches only are accepted when they toe the line of prevailing culture.

It's he who must prove himself rather than the other way round.

God forbid he demand that hearsay of individual brilliance be proven to him as the one in charge under match conditions.

Fair dinkum, I've heard rumours that Mo Mieni can't coach.

To anyone spreading that rubbish I challenge you to repeat it outside your home turf and be prepared to confirm your stupidity by being laughed at by people realistic about achievement and ability.

So really, the stories about disruption in the Comets' camp are a crock that could easily be put to rest.

Simply hand an exit visa to the disgruntled and wish them bon voyage as they seek a club where they'll suddenly be the outsiders needing to prove themselves.

Pray they take the embittered old farts with them.

Allow Trenno and his workers and the Mighty Mo and his coaches to get on with the business of football with people who want to win.

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