Three Warriors face charges at judiciary


THE controversy left in the wake of Sunday's Gimbisi Warriors match against Port Macquarie is still simmering and probably won't dissipate until tomorrow night's judiciary hearings.

Gimbisi Warriors' captain-coach Willie Lockwood along with his team-mates Mal Webster and Thomas Wright will be asked to defend themselves against charges laid from Sunday's ruckus.

Wright faces the serious charge of using abusive language and acting in a threatening manner towards referee Rick Purton after the game.

Last night the management committee of Group 2 held a special meeting in regards to the fracas.

Speaking to Group 2 president Greg Mayhew yesterday, he said that there was going to be a full inquiry into the incident at this meeting.

"We'll be hearing from all parties concerned at this meeting," Mayhew said.

"Well hear from Gimbisi, Port Macquarie, the referee, the touch judges, the interchange stewards, security, everyone.

"A decision about what action should be taken will be reached tonight (last night)." Most of the issues arose after Lockwood walked off the field and took all his Warriors players with him during the second half, refusing to return.

Lockwood's actions were a reaction to Warriors players being sin-binned and then sent off after some nasty incidents once Port Macquarie had gained control of the torrid affair.

The referees group remained in the middle of the ground for 30 minutes after the Warriors left the field due to threats and missiles being hurled at them. Port Macquarie players formed a human shield for the referees until police arrived.

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