Thieves steal family's last belongings

Left with nothing ... Diane Parker and her children are now the target of thieves. TREVOR VEALE
Left with nothing ... Diane Parker and her children are now the target of thieves. TREVOR VEALE


DIANE Parker and her three children lost almost everything when their house burnt down last month. Now, devastated and shocked, the Parker's are being robbed of what little they have left.

A distraught Diane couldn't believe her eyes when she started noticing things going missing from their block around three or four days after the fire.

"It's just disgusting. We have hardly anything left, and now what we do have is being taken from us," she said.

The house, which was gutted by an electrical fire on August 18 while the family was away for the weekend, is now fenced of as a dangerous area.

"In that sense we are extremely lucky that none of us were there at the time, and no-one was hurt. But now, my kids have hardly anything left. I bought my son a new body board when his was destroyed in the fire. Now that's been stolen, too," Diane said.

"The house was gutted everything that was inside was destroyed. The kids had all their sporting things along the side of the house, so that's really all they had left."

With some help from Marty and Donna Phillips from the Coffs Hotel, Diane and her children, Matthew, 13, Joshua, 15, and Mitchell, 17, have moved into a villa at Pacific Marina. "I'm a single mother. I've really been struggling, not only financially, but also emotionally and physically.

"We've just been putting one foot in front of the other, trying to move along. But this is just terrible," she said.

"Every time I go there there's something else missing.

When I went to the house on Tuesday and Matthews's bike was gone, that was the last straw. It's getting beyond a joke," Diane said.

"The garden shed was locked, and even that has been broken into. It's pitiful. We have nothing, and people are taking from us. It started with a skateboard; they've taken clothes, a didgeridoo, and now my son's bike. They've even taken the council garbage bins."

Diane said that the house is a dangerous site and is due for demolition.

"Besides the fact that they're stealing from us, people shouldn't be going in there. It's not safe," she said.

"Our neighbours have told us that kids have been opening the fence and riding their bikes on our driveway. It's just not safe there's glass everywhere, and the roof is caving in. They've been moving people on, but that's only when they are at home."

All Diane wants are the items that are gone to be returned.

"We just want what we have left back," she said.!

If anyone has any information on the Parker's stolen items, please contact the local police on 6652 0299.

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