DRIVING at speeds anywhere up to 130km/hwith your backside only centimetres from the ground is too much to bear for some.

There are others though who enjoy the thrill of go-kart racing, and then there are some that excel at the sport.

No-one in the area has excelled quite like Troy Brown.

Three weeks ago at Raleigh, Brown, who would be ranked in top three in the country, won the Southern Cross Cup by the length of the street. Literally.

Brown is now travelling to Gladstone for the Queensland state titles and he's taking a couple of Coffs Harbour's finest young drivers with him.

The line-up for these championships includes the cream of the crop.

But Wayne Marsh, 17, and Nathan Coleman, 16, hold no fears of the intense competition that they will be facing this weekend.

"It will be a great experience and to finish in the top 10 would be great," Marsh said.

"Troy has been helping us out with the kart and also helping us with when we need to make decisions.

Brown has been playing a mentor role for the young duo and he intends to continue that help in Gladstone.

"There's not much more I can do with their chassis, I can help them now when the pressure is on," Brown said.

"On the first day at the track there's a lot of mind games that go on."

Competition is intense at theQueensland titles, particularly during the qualifying rounds.

Brown told a story that he qualified for third on the grid at last year's Australian titles, but a team mate who was only 0.2 seconds slower in qualifying, started the race from 50th position.

"There were people who were only half a second slower who packed up and went home as they didn't qualify.

Brown is looking to finish in top three in his Rotax Heavy class but he has high hopes for the chances of Marsh and Coleman.

"I'd be surprised if Wayne doesn't finish in the top five and I'd be delighted if Nathan gets into the top 10."

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