The Easter bunny arrives for anglers


THE Easter bunny appears to have worked things so that this weekend should see some good fishing results ? subject always to changes in the weather.

Although with most of the rough weather expected to be over by the start of the holiday, offshore fishing in particular should be top class.

Despite the rough seas at the weekend, a few boats were able to handle the conditions and reported the run of sizeable mackerel is continuing.

Bottom fishing is still good with several good catches of snapper and other reef fish although none was weighed in this week.

Bream are again on the small size with the best from the estuary weighing in at 670g and taken from the Wooli breakwall by Brad Brotherson of Ulmarra.

Fishing around the headlands would have been tricky at the weekend because of the big roll, but in these conditions, fishing in the sheltered corners of the beaches will pay dividends.

Despite the rough seas, there were still plenty of smallish bream right throughout the estuary, with young Nathan Winkler of South Grafton landing several at Carrs Creek, the best going 650g ? gilled and gutted.

Ross Thompson, of Maclean, had a similar catch at Palmers Island with his best fish also 650g.

Good whiting are still around with the best this week tipping the scales at 430g, taken by Lisle Gilmore, of Red Rock, fishing in the local river.

Fred Forbes, of Wooli, had a fish of the same weight from the beach at Wooli, but his catch was several days after that of Lisles.

Reports from several quarters have been of better numbers of luderick, although in many cases it is two or three from the spot and then they go off the bite.

The bank between Maclean and the Harwood bridge is fishing much in this fashion, while reasonable catches have been taken near the Goodwood Island wharf one day, and then two days later not a touch.

One of the better catches over the weekend was 1.3kg by Brett Lentfer, of South Grafton, who also landed a small school jewfish which won him his club's outing last weekend.

Matt Pigg, of Ulmarra, tried his luck at Minnie Water where his best catch weighed in at 950g.

However, he collects a certificate for his 3.050kg drummer taken from the same area.

There are enough flathead around to satisfy most anglers, with Bill Collett of Yamba taking out the biggest again, a fish of 4.730kg from the vicinity of the Turkeys Nest ? and once again releasing it after weighin.

Browns Rocks is still producing reasonable fish, with Steven Bates, of Windemere, landing a flathead of 2.3kg.

Ashleigh Smith, of Dunoon, fished near the barges at the mouth of the Serpentine and landed a giant herring of 1.7kg.

Rob Moss, of South Grafton, was one of the few anglers who went offshore at the weekend and was rewarded with a spotted mackerel of 7kg off Minnie.

Mangrove jack are still being taken in the southern rivers, with Craig Miller, of Ulmarra, landing one of 2.8kg in the Wooli River.

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