That crazy corner is hit again


IT'S happened again.

Five days after fixing the fence in Gundagai Street, which was destroyed in an accident in August (CCA 28/8/07), Karen Christiansen came home on Wednesday to see the fence on the corner flattened once again.

"This is the second time the neighbours have lost their fence, my own fence has been hit four times and I've had two cars wrecked," Ms Christiansen said.

"I haven't repaired my fence yet but if I had, it would have been gone again too.

"I am extremely concerned that someone is going to be hurt if something isn't done.

"This is a council road but the council are doing nothing. They should take responsibility and put up signs alerting people that the corner is very slippery when wet."

Coffs Harbour City Council's traffic engineer, George Stulle, claimed bad driver behaviour caused the accidents.

"We try to address that with the police through road safety campaigns," Mr Stulle said.

"Signs don't stop people driving erratically. The police patrol the area as best they can given the resources they have ... this bend is no different to many other roads in the city area."

He said a police report about the incident would be coming to the council in the next few days.

"We will sit down and negotiate with the police then about what action can be taken."

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