Support pours in for MP


SUPPORT for Andrew Fraser has come from all corners since Tuesday's stoush with Joe Tripodi.

Part-time student and representative for external students at Southern Cross University (SCU), Tony Mosley, has given his backing to Mr Fraser.

"Many students use the Pacific Highway and over the years we have lost so many, recently an outstanding Honours student," Mr Mosley said.

It was the death of this SCU student which many say sparked Mr Fraser's rage in parliament this week. Mr Fraser is a friend of the dead girl's family and her fatal crash at Bonville in August was the beginning of an horrific 10-day period in which five others also died on the Pacific Highway.

"I can see why he got emotional about it," Mr Mosely said.

"It is unfortunate Mr Fraser has stepped down from the front bench. I don't want him to resign and I don't normally make a fuss but this young girl's death hurt all of us and the next death is just around the corner."

The Nationals' local branches across NSW have been authorised to begin the process of selecting local candidates for the 2007 State election.

With only 18 months until the election, the Nationals decided to move forward with the candidate selection process.

Mr Fraser said his actions in parliament were out-of-character and he was confident of being able to continue.

Rescue helicopter tasked to open ocean rescue

premium_icon Rescue helicopter tasked to open ocean rescue

Rescue Helicopter has been tasked off the coast of Coffs Harbour

Dollars for dolphin project

premium_icon Dollars for dolphin project

Preliminary investigations completed for sea pens.

Bypass consultation extended but for how long ?

premium_icon Bypass consultation extended but for how long ?

Consultation on the Coffs Harbour bypass has been extended.

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