Students have uniform input

MENTION the word school uniforms anywhere around families with school age children and you will probably immediately start a heated debate on the subject.

The tussle between students, parents and teachers over what kids should wear to school is an old one and has become something of a rite of passage.

Student: "Why can't I wear my favourite new low-cut hipster jeans to school?"

Parent: "Because they are too low and too hipster."

Student: "So what!"

However, at Bowraville Central School students and teachers are trying to short circuit the problem.

Principal Glenn Thorncroft said as part of a program to improve the culture and the image of the school, a uniform committee, which included students, parents and teachers, had been formed.

"Having the students on the committee is great because it brings student opinions to the table and helps us understand what will and won't work," he said.

Two initiatives have come out of the committee.

One is a survey to students asking them about uniforms and uniform policy and the other is a competition to design a new sports shirt and a school hat logo.

"The idea is that through consultation, we can come up with a uniform policy that is owned and respected by the school," he said.

Students on the committee said it was fun to be involved and they liked having their voices heard.

"Kids share their opinions with us and we can bring these ideas up at meetings," Kirra Krisch said.

Mr Thorncroft said he was proud of the students input.

"As part of the NSW Government's Priority Action Schools Program (PASP), Bowraville Central has been working hard in recent years to improve the quality of teaching at the school," he said.

"Part of that process has been about engaging the kids and the community and we are stating to see the results.

"Our attendances and our basic skills levels are up and our suspensions are down."

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