Stone's throw from disaster

YVONNE Oxborough would love to get her hands on the young louts who could have killed her.

On Thursday at 6pm, the disabled pensioner was driving her classic car a 1983 JPS BMW under the highway rail overpass near Park Beach Road when she heard a terrible bang.

The Coffs Harbour grandmother readily admits she swore.

"It was very scary, because I thought I'd hit a kid," Yvonne said.

However, she says her 35 years' driving experience allowed her to stay cool and continue on her way to Park Beach Plaza.

She examined her car as best she could in the dark, but could see no damage.

But when she was back on the highway at traffic lights moments later, she noticed two boys atop the western end of the rail bridge and saw them scurry down an embankment.

The next morning, she discovered two ugly dents on her bonnet, from what she figures were rocks or some sort of metal object thrown at her.

"I thought of that poor woman (critically injured by a rock thrower at Kiama last month)," Yvonne said.

"It instantly flashed into my head. Don't these kids listen to the news?"

She said when she reported her lucky escape to police on Saturday afternoon, they told her they'd taken a report from a woman whose car was hit by an object hurled from the Arthur Street overpass.

What Yvonne is most annoyed about is the several thousand dollars she'll have to spend on a specialist painter to fix her bonnet.

"My car is the only thing of value I own. I love it to death. It breaks your heart," she said.

"I have to get quotes from the insurance company. I'm going to be out of pocket for the excess.

"These kids don't realise the consequences of their actions. Most of the time, these little brats know they're untouchable.

"Even if the police find them, they'll get a talking to by the cops and that's it."

The two boys are described as Caucasian in appearance and in their pre-teens. Both had skateboards at the time. If you can help with the investigation, contact Coffs Harbour police on 6652 0299.

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