Speeding is not cool, OK


COFFS HARBOUR highway patrol officer Scott Jackson is fed up with young speedsters.

So much so, the leading senior constable is supporting a statewide strategy to make them slow down.

"We have to instill in people that speeding is not the cool thing to do. If we see somebody speeding, say something to them," Const. Jackson told an RTA roadshow in Coffs Harbour yesterday.

"I've been here for 14 odd years and I have attended a lot of accidents. Some have been fatal.

"A lot have involved young drivers not concentrating or driving too fast, being influenced by other people in their car, or trying to show off."

According to the RTA's Centre for Road Safety, 50 per cent of speeding drivers involved in fatal crashes in the Coffs Harbour area are aged 25 years or under.

"In the northern region, 430 people have died in road crashes in the last five years. Four out of 10 of these (179) involved speeding drivers," spokesman Ash Jarvis said.

"Of all speedsters involved in fatal crashes in NSW between 2002 and 2006, more than a third were aged between 17 and 25."

The roadshow promoted a new television ad called Speeding No One Thinks Big of You, which depicts onlookers and passengers of young male speedsters using the well-known 'pinkie' gesture to express their concern.

Model and P-plater Imogen Bailey said the controversial ad spoke to young drivers in their own language.

She knew of three young men in her home town who had died in speeding crashes.

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