Speed blitz blues

COFFS HARBOUR police are furious with the many motorists they've discovered driving carelessly.

A clearly marked police camera car operating in the district during the school holidays has detected a whopping 446 speedsters in the space of only two weeks.

The blitz Operation North Roads began on June 22.

"To have 446 vehicles speeding past a marked car on the side of the road, complete with a 'speed camera in use' sign nearby, is a bit extraordinary," Sergeant Jason Mannall from Coffs Harbour highway patrol, said.

Police using radar and other checks have caught another 66 speeding drivers.

"Otherwise, our figures for the holidays are pretty good so far," Sgt Mannall said.

"They show a lot of drivers are doing the right thing in general."

Police on the Coffs Coast have so far charged four people with drink-driving from 617 random breath tests, and laid 13 more charges for other traffic offences.

They've issued 11 fines for people driving unregistered vehicles, and four infringement notices for unlicensed driving.

Operation North Roads, which continues until July 15, is being conducted in tandem with a night-time Pacific Highway blitz targeting bad driver behaviour.

According to RTA statistics, speeding is the most common contributing factor to road deaths.

For exceeding the speed limit by not more than 15km/h a $79 fine applies and three demerit points, and a speed of more than 15km/h but not more than 30km/h serves up a whopping $238 fine plus demerit points.

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