Some kind of record for 93 years young meals on wheels deliverer


IF anyone ever asks Frances Emery whether she gets Meals on Wheels, the lively 93-year-old enjoys setting them straight.

"No, I deliver them!" she replies to her often surprised audience.

"I really enjoy talking to the people and getting to know them.

"It's a very good service. I just have a few minutes chat and then I go ? it's also a way to check they are alright."

For 23 years, Mrs Emery has been hitting the road once a week in her ageing 1977 Datsun to deliver meals around Mylestom and Yellow Rock.

Often it is only two or three meals but Mrs Emery doesn't mind.

"It does me good to do some running around," she said.

"I do it every Wednesday because then I know where I am in the week."

The run begins at the Urunga BP Service Station where volunteers chat while awaiting the delivery of meals from Bellingen Hospital.

"I enjoy the camaraderie of the other deliverers, too," Mrs Emery said.

A grandmother and great-grandmother a total of 54 times over, her aim is to notch up 25 years of service with the organisation.

"I pass my driver's test every year with flying colours and I have my health and mobility, so there is no reason to stop," she said.

And her advice to anyone with some time on their hands: get involved with Meals on Wheels.

"Anyone can do it ? it doesn't take long, so why not?"

Bellingen Shire Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organisation catering for the frail aged, people over 65 or younger people with disabilities and/or their carers.

For more information, phone 6655 0322.

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