Solution to lost denture mystery

SHOULD it be renamed Gumdagai Close?

City Centre workers have been intrigued by a poster put up on the corner of West High Street and Moonee Street which advertises false teeth lost in Gundagai Close.

But the woman who put up posters to find the owner said it was undoubtedly no laughing matter for him.

She said the false teeth had spent more than a week resting on a brick wall out the front of her residence and unclaimed before she put up three posters, in case children or other mischievous folk made off with the homeless choppers.

"I thought people would see it and they did and all had a good laugh," said the woman, who did not want to be identified.

The posters also led to the right mouth speaking up.

She said she was unclear about how the teeth came to be mislaid, but it appeared they were uncomfortable, so he was in the habit of taking them out.

"They are expensive objects, they only fit one person and they are hard to replace," she said, adding that the owner may have put them in his pocket wrapped in a handkerchief.

But the teeth were lost and found many weeks ago now it is the poster, apparently pinched by a local wag, which was 'nicked' from its original location and has now turned up in the city centre.

False teeth are prone to accidents.

Sewerage treatment workers report that they are one of the objects known to make their way through the sewage pipes and turn up at the treatment works and they also turn up at police stations and lost property repositories.

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