Smile for the camera

THE police officers who have been regularly spending their shifts holding up 'hair dryers' to catch speedsters at Bonville and Pine Creek will soon be able to rest their weary muscles.

Yesterday, the first sign of the two permanent speed cameras that will be installed at Pine Creek and Bonville appeared, with the materialisation of the needed infrastructure.

But hold the smiles for the camera, as they won't actually be fitted until 'sometime in December' according to the Roads and Traffic Authority ? just in time for the Christmas traffic.

During a visit to Coffs Harbour in early September, the NSW Minister for Roads, Joe Tripodi, reduced the speed limit to 60km/h at Bonville and to 80km/h at Pine Creek.

He also promised the installation of the speed cameras, a promise which now looks like being followed through.

More than 200 motorists caught speeding on local roads

More than 200 motorists caught speeding on local roads

Multiple charges laid as part of Operation Rapid.

Let's embrace ourcity's growth

Let's embrace ourcity's growth

Incredible opportunity exists to make Coffs a city for the future.

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