Slipping and sliding all in a drive home

Don Want negotiates a puddle on East Bonville Road. He says Coffs Harbour City Council will neither maintain his public road, n
Don Want negotiates a puddle on East Bonville Road. He says Coffs Harbour City Council will neither maintain his public road, n

BONVILLE resident Don Want is slip sliding away, not to mention skidding and dodging.

And after a decade, he's fed up with it.

The most easterly section of East Bonville Road between his house and the highway is an unmaintained public road, one kilometre of which has not seen a grader or gravel truck for 10 years.

The result, in the worst section, is a bush track with deeply-rutted wheel tracks up a slippery clay hillside, followed by a chain of deep puddles up to two metres wide and 0.4m deep, which become a series of moguls in dry weather.

Some years ago the council graded and gravelled the first section of the 1.85km 'unmaintained' road, which has since been maintained, but not the final one kilometre, which gives access to Mr Want and one neighbour.

"I have even offered, with other residents, to buy this section of road from council, then look after it ourselves. But we would add a gate to it, eliminating other cars which drive down all the time 'sightseeing'," Mr Want said.

"It would still be able to be used for local residents, but the council simply refused to consider this."

The road, like 11 other small unmaintained public roads in the Coffs Harbour City area, was built in the past by a property owner for his own benefit and then handed over to the council.

During the last decade Mr Want has been pleading with Coffs Harbour City Council to make a plan and a timetable which will resolve this problem and has received several promises of plans, reports and teams, but nothing has changed and he is now questioning council's management ability.

Mr Want wrote to the council in February asking for a meeting and says he is disgusted with the response he has just received.

Council's maintenance works engineer explained the council has no legal obligation to maintain or improve such roads and council has many road maintenance needs competing for limited funds, but the council will undertake grading work at Mr Want's expense.

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