Slip, sliding away


YOU can imagine Rod and Jenny Rooney's surprise when they looked out onto their backyard to find it slowly slipping away.

Yesterday morning, Mr Rooney was in the front yard of his Aubrey Crescent property when his wife called out to him.

"I was working on the caravan when Jenny came out and said that she thought something was going on, and that I'd better take a look," Mr Rooney said.

Mrs Rooney had heard the cracking of the fence and alerted her husband.

"We went out to the backyard, and part of our fence and yard was sliding down the hill," Mr Rooney said.

In response to the huge amount of rain over the weekend, part of the Rooney's backyard turned to a landslide which ended up in the southbound lane on the Pacific Highway at the top of the hill past the Combine Street lights.

"Part of our back fence and two or three metres of our backyard ended up on the highway."

The southbound lane was closed, with traffic diverted to the northbound lane for the duration of the clean up, which spanned into the afternoon.

"We've lived here for eight years, and we've never had any problem like this before," Mr Rooney said.

"Apparently, in 1996 there used to be a retaining wall, but there was a big wash out back then and it was never replaced.

"When we moved in we asked the RTA and they said there were intentions of replacing it obviously they haven't got around to it.

"There's not been a problem until now, obviously because of the amount of rain we've had. It's just one of those things."

The RTA was unable to be contacted for comment yesterday.

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