Show impass not a real issue

ANNETTE Lane says the $37,000 the administrator of the Showground Trust wants from the Show Society is not the real issue.

The bill includes $23,000 for office services and other fees which the Show Society says it has not incurred.

Mrs Lane is a long-time Show committee member and the organiser of the major cat show which is run in conjunction with the agricultural events.

She said there was a different agenda in play.

"They are trying to provoke the Show Society into not having a show for two years because the original charter for the Showground says if that happens the ground reverts to public use and can be leased or sold," Mrs Lane said.

She said the city would miss the extra business generated by the Show more than people realised, "The cat show alone has become a big feature we fill three motels with exhibitors," she said.

"We have judges from all over the East Coast.

"The two-day cat show alone brings about 500 people in to town and they go out to dinner and to clubs."

A spokesman for the Department of Lands said the decision to postpone the Show rested with the Show Society, which still had the option of negotiating as payment package for the overdue accounts.

He said the Show Society's contribution had been recognised with a heavily discounted showground hire fee and the normal fee for hire over four days would be double the amount charged.

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