School?s back warning

WITH the start of the new school year on Monday, motorists are reminded to exercise greater caution when driving near schools.

School zones ? with 40km/h speed limits ? will be back in force each weekday from 8am to 9.30am and again in the afternoon from 2.30pm until 4pm.

According to Coffs Harbour City Council's Road Safety Officer, Anne Shearer, motorists need to be aware that schoolchildren are still learning road sense.

"Children are smaller and harder to see, and less predictable than other pedestrians," Ms Shearer said.

"This time of year drivers have to keep a special eye out for new kindergarten students who are just starting school," she said.

"Motorists must stop at school crossings and wait until the crossing is completely clear of pedestrians before proceeding."

"They should obey the speed limit and slow down if there are children walking or playing nearby.

In a bid to get the message across the council's speed trailer will be located in different school zones in coming weeks to remind drivers to check their speeds.

Ms Shearer said police will also be actively enforcing school zone speed limits.

"There is a fine of at least $123 for speeding in school zones, but the real issue for all of us is making sure our children are safe travelling to and from school," Ms Shearer said.

Further information about road safety around schools is available at the Roads and Traffic Authority website,

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