Age shall not weary him . . . Westside pro Allan Pade.
Age shall not weary him . . . Westside pro Allan Pade.

Sawtell Seaside form proves useful


WHEN chasing selection in the State over 35's tennis team for next month's 2007 Australian Seniors Championships, Westside pro Allan Pade had a rare obstacle to overcome.

As he doesn't turn 35 until next year, he didn't have much of a formline against other players in that age group to make selectors sit up and take notice.

"There weren't many tournaments that I could qualify in because this is on in January, which made it hard," Pade said.

"So what I had to do was send in a bit of a resume of what I had done and also people I've played.

"Next year if I get time to play a few, obviously I'll have results to point to."

Luckily for Pade, some of the players who were vying for a spot on the NSW team played in the Sawtell Seaside Open over the past couple of years.

With results going his way, Pade is now packing his bags and getting ready to head over to Perth to chase glory.

"I've got no idea what kind of standard will be there, it is an unknown at this stage," he said.

"In the NSW team there's a couple of blokes who played in the Seaside Open and I'm trying to look up a couple of past results of these guys on the internet so that might give me a bit of an idea."

The championships will be held over two weeks.

"The first week will be the teams event where state pride really goes on the line.

"That will be followed by the prestigious individual tournaments.

Pade admits that playing the teams event first is a source of comfort for him.

"The good thing is with the teams event I'll get in some practice," he joked.

He says it with a smile on his face but the truth is that Pade has been laying low recently thanks to a torn calf muscle which has restricted the amount of time he can get on court in the lead up to Perth.

"It had been sore for about a month and then I twitched it a little bit more doing some coaching on a Monday arvo," Pade said. "I've got to get a few massages and just doing some exercises now."

At least he can joke that playing in a seniors championships, he won't be the only competitor feeling sore.

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