Santa's early present joy!


SANTA came early this year for one small Coffs Harbour boy.

Six-year-old Lasyge McKell was presented with a sparkling new bicycle on Saturday by the owner of Rainbow Cycles, Daniel Alcock.

Lasyge's original much-loved mountain bike, a birthday present from his parents, was stolen from outside his home in Brush Cherry Close on December 15.

The little boy loved his bike and rode it everywhere he could and in the hope someone would spot it, his dad Bradley McKell approached the Coffs Coast Advocate, which ran a photograph of the bike and a story about the theft.

But after a week of searching with no trace of the missing yellow and silver speedster, his parents Casey and Bradley McKell had been resigned to starting the long process of saving up to buy him a new one.

Then along came Rainbow Cycles and now Lasyge is once again in the saddle, peddling for all he is worth.

"All he did that afternoon was ride around on his new bike," Bradley said yesterday.

"He's certainly enjoying it."

Daniel Alcock said a friend and fellow Coffs Harbour resident, who wants to remain anonymous, had rung him as soon as he heard about the theft and offered to go halves in replacing Lasyge's lost cycle.!

"Most stolen bikes are not reported (as found)," Daniel said.

Bradley McKell said he had been lost for words at Saturday's presentation.

He said the generous gift was 'a blessing' for the family and was much appreciated and he wanted to say 'a huge thank you' to everyone concerned.

"We are not in a position to shell out several hundred dollars for a new bike, so we were resigned to saving up," he said.

He said Lasyge was a trusting little boy and the theft had been a shock to him, although it had also probably been a useful lesson not to be too trusting.

"He sees everyone as a good-hearted person," Bradley said.

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