Referee fireworks go off with fizz not a bang

THE fireworks expected at Wednesday's meeting involving the referees proved a bit of a fizzer.

Instead of twopenny bungers exploding, all we had were a couple of Tom Thumb's going 'phzzzt'.

David Dunn was replaced by his deputy Vasco Baston as chairman of the Referees Association but confounded the critics by engineering the manner of his departure.

Before the meeting Dunn organised secretary Bill Gibbons to second the motion he himself intended to put that he (Dunny) be removed.

Had he not been voted out he intended to resign anyway, something he'd told me in confidence eight days prior.

Gibbo also put his own position up for scrutiny and was returned without drama.

And that was just about it apart from a few curly questions asked and answered.

Group 2's Peter O'Grady said there were no histrionics from Dunny who once the chair swap had been made took a normal part in discussions.

Before wild stories spread, he has not retired as a referee and will be at Advocate Park this Sunday handling under 18's.

I can also confirm he was not the source of the leaked document referred to in our back page story last weekend.

Allow me a couple of observations that should be prefaced by reminding all D.Dunn and G.White have been friends since Taree school days.

Firstly, many of the statements that have got him offside with his peers have also been made to me by those same faceless men.

But when it comes to the crunch good old footy duplicity surfaced again and Dunny was left to carry the can.

In fact when Group 2 scheduled their meeeting with the whistleblowers on May 31, only Rod Hart turned up with his president.

Where were all those brave blokes who'd been squealing in my ear for months about all the inconsistencies and claimed bias in appointments?

And another thing.

Dunny is a top quality referee better than most.

But when he gets first grade games these days it's usually the tough jobs where law and order has to be maintained.

If he does a good job nobody gives him credit but if he makes a hash of it as even the best can do, there's a ready made fall guy to boo and hiss.

Bloody shameful.

Maybe his problem is he's too outspoken in his opinions.

If that's his problem put me on his side.

Better the devil you know than the doublespeak of others.

Sure, Dunny made blunders and he's the first to admit them.

But I still reckon he copped a raw deal during his incumbency that was undeserved while other parties with a few more convictions against their name were smart enough to keep heads down till the smoke cleared.

We're certain to hear from those folk soon.

All the best Vasco.

I hope you get better support than your predecessor.

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