Ken Crabb and Tom Maley in the transition area during the Red Rock quadrathon.
Ken Crabb and Tom Maley in the transition area during the Red Rock quadrathon.

Red Rock River changes into Shanghai Harbour

RED Rock river could have easily been mistaken for 'Shanghai Harbour' on Sunday at the start of the annual Red Rock Surf club Quadrathon.

A field of 48 various craft ranging from surf skis to boards were paddled fiercely along the course.

The river then turned into a massive display of arms and legs kicking and stroking turning the course area into a sea of white water.

The boat ramp was the start of the gruelling 22km-bike leg for the competitors.

This is where the competition started to filter out the athletes.

All competitors arrived back at Red Rock injury free to begin the final leg of the quadrathon with a 5lkm run around beautiful Red Rock.

Male champion of the day was Brad Rasborsek from Grafton who crossed the line in a time of 1:01:06.

The female Champion also resides up north in Maclean who was Kim Elvery in a time of 1:13:04.

This was the first time Brad had entered but Kim is such a regular that she is considered part of the 'Surf Club family.'

It was a record day for the club with well over 100 competitors in total (including teams).

Both competitors and organisers were pleased with the day of events and are looking forward to seeing each other again at the Triathlon on October 1.

All monies raised at the Quadrathon will be going towards the building of a Clubhouse that is scheduled to start during the off-season.

Anyone who is interested in joining the great little club of Red Rock can contact the club secretary on 6649 1248.

Full results of the day are: Team Extreme 1:00:52, Brad Rasborsek 1:01:06, The Coffs Boys 1:01:50, Mat Thompson 1:02:09, Brad Rodgers 1:03:00, Body Symmetry 1:03:33, Neil Charles 1:03:56, Maclean Vets - Marpbe 1:04:04, David Kitching 1:05:09, Tim Cotsell 1:05:34, Rusty Red Rockers 1:05:41, Team Macgyver 1:06:26, Schnellem 1:06:28, Shaun Adamson 1:06:53, Travis Callaghan 1:08:14, Girlie Girls 1:08:37,Colin Cowie 1:08:46, Tom Maley 1:09:34,Team Tunza 1:09:35, Bonville Kayak Club 1:09:52, Woolgoolga Surf Club 1:10:55,Ken Crabb 1:11:20, Mark Symons 1:11:34, Little Red Caboose 1:12:29, Alistair Lane 1:12:43, Kim Elvery 1:13:04, Woopi Tsunamis 1:13:47, Richard Crofton 1:14:00, Rod Wilbers 1:15:14, Lyn Fulton 1:16:23, George / Mayson 1:18:23, Daniel Bannerman 1:18:24, Glenn Baynes 1:19:44,Woopie Titans 1:19:54, The Babes & Glen 1:21:00, Rent a Crowd 1:21:55, Young Guns 1:22:50,Red Rock Boys Boaties 1:24:36, The Punters 1:24:55, Michael Ainsworth 1:25:20, Jenni Williams 1:26:20, Nigel Cotsell 1:27:04, Sarah Walker 1:27:36, Steel Beveridge 1:30:06, Team Revival 1:34:35, Georgia & Belle 1:34:35, Bob Williams 1:37:10, Robina's Hair - Razors 1:37:10.

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