Rain still big problem

THE continuing summer rainfall has now brought the Coffs Harbour District Cricket competition to a critical stage, with washouts rather than match results having the potential to determine the make up of the top four.

Ground closures meant no play again last Saturday, with the scheduled games likely to convert to the one-day format next weekend.

Association secretary Tony Mainey said president Ken Robinson was 'out there right now checking what it's like underfoot'.

"But even if there's no rainfall and unlimited sunshine for the rest of the week, we may still run into problems," he said.

Some are tipping the soaking has been so severe the wickets won't dry out in time, causing problems not just for the local association but for organisers of the re-scheduled Bradman Foundation Cup matches, also to be played from January 26 to 28 in Coffs Harbour and Sawtell.

Should play again be abandoned and points split, panic attacks around the clubs are firmly on the agenda.

When no play was possible between Sawtell and Park Beach Bowling Club Colts in the comeback round of January 5 to 12, the points were shared for a game that, if form were taken into account, should have been one-way traffic to the premiers.

When results were obtained in the remaining matches, the win by Northern Districts had the effect of knocking Sawtell from the top of the ladder, while the upset victory of Tigers over Diggers leaves Colts snapping at the heels of everybody but the top pair.

Another weekend without play and a sharing of points could easily see the battle for the minor premiership come to a screaming halt and desperation in the ranks of the middle group of clubs scrambling for favourable positions.

"Whatever happens, these blokes are in for a nervous wait over the next couple of weeks," Mr Mainey said.

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