Put up or shut up: Clements


LOCAL boxer Justin Clements is sick and tired of the baiting he's copping from Terry Baff and he thinks it's time that his former trainer stopped talking.

"It's time to put up or shut up," Clements said in response to the challenge issued in last Wednesday's edition of the Coffs Coast Advocate to fight Baff's son Daniel.

"I've got nothing against Daniel but I'm sick of hearing things that Terry has said about me to people.

"I'm happy to fight Daniel anywhere but not in two weeks time."

On December 8 there is a huge fight night planned by Baff Promotions for the Coffs Ex-Services Club and it was hoped that Clements would accept the challenge but alas it isn't to be.

"That's only two weeks away," Clements said.

"As I said I'll fight him anywhere but I'd like some time to prepare. I'm confident I can beat Daniel when you consider that I've had 49 professional fights and fought in England and the United States and held the national title."

Sounds like the fight could go ahead but local boxing fans might have to wait for it to happen.

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