Punters' cup day warning

POLICE want you to be in party mode for Coffs Cup Day tomorrow, but they'll be forced to step in at the first sign of trouble.

"We expect everyone who is attending the races to have a great day," Sergeant Joe Roach from Coffs Harbour police said.

"We want it to be fun and relaxing for everyone. However, we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour."

Police from the Coffs/Clarence local area command will be joined by visiting officers to maintain law and order at the racetrack, and they will have no hesitation removing anyone who is doing the wrong thing.

"If you're intoxicated, violent, quarrelsome or disorderly, you'll be told to leave," he said.

Security officers will also have the right to send troublemakers on their way, and they'll be able to refuse entry to patrons they suspect are intoxicated on arrival.

They'll even be armed with breath-testing equipment.

Sgt Roach said people aged under-18 would only be allowed onto the course if they were in the company of a parent, and they must stay with that parent for the day.

Howard Street will be an alcohol-free zone from 9am tomorrow until 9am on Friday, while the club's car park areas will also be grog free. Any alcohol taken into these areas will be confiscated.

"We're urging people not to drive if they plan to drink. Leave your vehicle at home and use other forms of transport," Sgt Roach said.

"We'll have mobile and random breath-testing happening throughout the city day and night for the Cup."

Police will also be out in force in Coffs Harbour's entertainment precinct tomorrow night to make sure revellers behave themselves.

In fact, they'll be ensuring all licensed premises stick to responsible service of alcohol provisions during Cup Day festivities.

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