Police plan highway blitz for long weekend

SCOTT Jackson and his Coffs Harbour highway patrol colleagues don't want a repeat of yesterday's fatality near Dirty Creek Range.

That's why they'll be up and down the highway, and enforcing the law on other major roads, during Operation Stay Alert at the long weekend.

The statewide blitz starts at midnight tomorrow and ends at midnight on Monday. Double demerits for speeding and seatbelts will be in force.

"We're targeting speeding, drink-driving and the non-wearing of seatbelts," Senior Constable Jackson said.

"We're pleading with people to take their time and to get to their destinations in one piece. In other words, drive to survive.

"To avoid fatigue, motorists should take a break every two hours."

Here's a few tips before you head off on your trip:

have your car serviced, change the blades of old windscreen wipers, inspect your tyres for nails and uneven wearing, check tyre pressures, don't set unrealistic time schedules,

don't take stimulants to stay awake on long journeys, and to reduce distractions in the car, keep children occupied with toys.

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