Police hit party in force after earlier warnings ignored


KORORA residents have praised the police, after a wild party at Hills Beach on Saturday night had police responding en masse.

Residents of Gross Michael Road said they heard yelling and swearing coming from nearby Hills Beach about 11pm Saturday, with cars going up and down Norman Hill Drive, which leads to the public park that is often the site of weekend parties.

Nationals Member of the Legislative Council Melinda Pavey, who has a house on nearby Blue Luben Close, described the scene as 'chaos'.

"There was a lot of noise, a lot of police cars, and people everywhere," she said.

"But the police looked like they were on top of it."

Ms Pavey said parties in the past have resulted in damage to the street such as tree branches pulled down and broken letter boxes, though Saturday's party never reached that level of destruction.

"The police came out in force before it got too bad," she said.

"We only have one police officer for every 600 people the national average is one for every 400 so there's a lot of demands on our local police, but when they respond en masse, it helps to resolve a situation before it escalates."

A police spokesperson said Coffs Harbour police and highway patrol officers attended a number of times as a result of complaints of noise and alcohol consumption in Korora Reserve.

"Police attended en masse and gave directions for music to be turned off and parties to be packed up and moved on," they said.

A number of people were given directions to move on and it was concluded without incident.

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