Pipeline complete

THE final link of the Deep Sea Release underwater pipeline off Boambee Beach was completed at the weekend with the placing of a connector between the two parts of the seaward pipes.

The first 360-metre seaward pipe was towed out of the harbour and sunk last June and the second 720m length put in place last month.

To complete the pipeline the gap between the two lengths was measured by divers and a connecting piece custom made in Melbourne.

The 10m length was sent to Coffs Harbour and lowered into place, before divers bolted it to the rest of the pipe line at the weekend.

With the offshore pipeline now complete, Coffs Harbour City Council general manager Mark Ferguson is confident of having the entire project completed by November, including the start of rehabilitation of the construction site on Boambee Beach.

"The completion of the marine pipeline only leaves five pipe sections to be installed on land, plus the de-aeration chamber on the beach," he said.

"The project will start re- moving the temporary trestle over the next few months. "Although there were a number of setbacks caused by severe weather and the extra safety measures necessary in ocean work, the team should be congratulated on a great achievement."

The 1.5km pipeline will be used to release into the ocean excess reclaimed water treated to the quality that is being used to water sporting fields and irrigate crops.

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