Orara knock ?em out

ORARA High School Under 15 girls' basketball team travelled to Port Macquarie recently to play Port High in the next round of the Under 15 high school knockout competition.

In a state-wide competition that started with more than 100 team Orara were playing for a position in the last 32.

From the start of the game, it was obvious that both teams were out for a win. It was cut-throat and only the winner would succeed to the next round.

Orara High led at the end of every quarter, thanks to the accurate shooting by Millie Bendell and Jessica Bailey.

Port Macquarie played a particularly aggressive game and foiled many of Orara's attacking moves with their defensive patterns.

Secret weapon Sammy Cooper, still managed to slip through and score three spectacular baskets.

Shannon Hall and Jessica Gordon could not be outdone and were tireless in defence.

They rebounded like demons, managing to get a quick outlet passes up the court.

Playmaker and captain Rikki Shipman, marshalled the team and responded well to the directions of coach Caitlin Donkin.

The outcome of the game was important to each and every player.

Jacqui Grant, Hannah Donnelly, Abby Lee and Kirsty Innes all stepped up to play their heart out.

In a final determined attack, Port Macquarie launched into the final quarter. Energies were sapped, and although Orara's lead dwindled, they managed to hang on to win by eight points.

The team has learned a lot from this game and are training hard for their next match against Tamworth High, which will be held tomorrow at Tamworth for a place in the final 16.

n The Coffs Harbour Community Indoor Stadium, is holding a gala day tomorrow for primary schools on the Coffs Coast.

All referees should arrive at the stadium and report in by 9.40am for an event briefing.

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Last shout-out to Coffs kids

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