One bite and Chris? world is miserable

CHRIS Macias felt great mid-way through the year.

But for the last six months the previously fit and health 40-yearold has felt lousy after battling Barmah Forest Virus.

Sunlight hurts his eyes and he gets blinding headaches; he has insomnia and one side of his head is semi-paralysed. He is unable to work because he gets exhausted so rapidly and his osteoarthritis has become 10 times worse.

He is unable to enjoy lawn bowls because he can't concentrate and he cannot read for long because his eyes get sore.

"I feel I haven't got any better," Mr Macias said.

"The doctor tried to put me on antidepressants but I said I'm depressed because I'm sick, I'm not depressed because I have a mental problem."

Mr Macias says he cannot recall being bitten by a mosquito and the only thing he did out of the ordinary was fishing in Bonville Creek and at Wooli ? and he took precautions like covering up and using insect repellant.

The North Coast Area Health Service is issuing warnings to people to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

He now wants to warn people about the dangers of the virus.

Mr Macias said an internet search on Barmah Forest Virus using the Yahoo or msn search engines showed that new medical research was finding important differences between Barmah Forest Virus and Ross River Fever.

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