No catch, it's the real deal


WHAT'S the catch?

That's the question Enviro Saver Program staff get asked when they offer free energy audits and free supply and installation of energy-efficient light globes and showerheads.

Program area manager Adrian Hawke assures people that it's not a case of being too good to be true.

"There was one situation when I had to use all of my conflict resolution skills once to assure a woman that it was the real deal," Mr Hawke said.

The Enviro Saver Program is a free service offered to businesses and residents.

It includes a free energy and water audit, free supply and installation of showerheads and energy-efficient light globes, and advice on rainwater tanks, toilets, solar, insulation and energy efficient appliances.

The company responsible for the audits, Fieldforcem, collect carbon credits when installing the energy-efficient products.

Each household energy audit is valued at one carbon credit, and clients nominate to trade their carbon credit for the products installed.

Coffs Coast Advocate journalist Michelle Day is one of the many local residents who have been taking advantage of the benefits of the scheme, agreeing that the program was a great way to go.

"I think it's a good program. I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself," she said.

For Michelle, who lives in a small two-bedroom flat, the savings may not seem so large, but every little bit counts.

"I am very sensible in the way I turn off power - I don't leave things on stand by, and I have very basic appliances," she said.

"I grew up on a farm with tank water in drought conditions, so I have quick five-minute showers.

"My biggest downfall is my fridge - it is from the early '70s and has been passed down to every family member, and needs defrosting on a weekly basis."

During the audit, Michelle had eight incandescent lights changed over to compact fluorescent globes, which should provide her with an energy saving of approximately $150 a year.

She was also given a 1800 number to call for advice on products that may save her money.

"I may give it a call and look into buying a new fridge," she said.

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