Nine-team format


IF you can't fit a square peg into a round hole, what do you do?

This was the conundrum facing the North Coast Football League on Thursday morning after an unusual spate of occurrences.

In an amazing series of events in the Premier League qualifying series, the Woolgoolga Wolves, Valley United and Northern Storm all finished equal on points at the top of the table and all had an identical scoreline on goal difference.

This left three teams qualified for the final two places available in the inaugural Premier League competition this year.

So what solution did the NCFL come up with. Simple, they created a square hole.

All three teams will this year play in an expanded Premier League competition in what was considered to be the fairest way to handle the situation.

The unusual twist of fate was created during the final round of qualifying matches on Wednesday evening.

Northern Storm predictably earned themselves a 3-2 away victory at Grafton, but it was Woolgoolga's upset win against Valley United that created the three-way deadlock at the top.

The final decision that was made was the only logical and fair one that could be made for all clubs concerned in this unusual situation.

The first round of the new-look North Coast Football League will be played on the weekend of April 9-10.

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