Nick has need for speed

EVER since Nick Herford was a young bloke, he has had a need for speed.

First, he burnt around in go-karts across Coffs Harbour, before graduating to the big-boys, driving formula Holdens after making a move to Sydney.

Four years ago he moved back to Coffs Harbour and this year entered a new class ? Formula Vee, driving with the Jacer racing team.

Formula Vee has proved to be one of the most productive nurseries of racing talent, with vehicles regularly hitting 200 km/h, with the likes of Larry Perkins, Colin Bond, John Blanchard, John Bowe and Jason Bargwanna all former Formula Vee drivers.

It is Herford's dream to follow those names into the big-time.

But to do that, he needs a bit of help.

"To make it from the country is difficult because the fact is that there is more money around in the city," Herford says.

"Formula Vee is one of the cheapest motor sports."

If you can call around $30,000 cheap.

"In Formula Vee, the cars cost $30,000 and than it costs around $1000 a race," he says.

"(But) in Formula Holdens, you need to bring sponsorship of around $150,000 to the team."

So far, things have been rolling well for Herford, who will this year compete in the NSW and Queensland state championships.

He won his first four preliminary races and performed strongly in his first championships round.

"It is a new car, so I had a lot of troubles in regards to minor problems," he said.

"There are not a lot of testing tracks around here, so we basically had to break the car in and rectify the problems.

"I had a few engine and gear box troubles ? I ony had three of the four gears ? but still only finished half a second off the winner."

While things are travelling nicely for the former John Paul College student, a bit of local support could make things a whole lot better.

"If we can just get some backing behind us, life will be a lot easier," he said.

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