Next generation phones proving to be unreliable


HOW frustrating! It was months before the CDMA mobile phone reception at Jaki Lockyer's Gleniffer Road home was reliable.

Now her work has issued her with a new Telstra Next G phone and all the problems are back again.

"I was really happy with the CDMA reception and planned to wait as long as possible until changing to Next G," Mrs Lockyer said.

"I wanted as many of the bugs as possible to have been ironed out.

"I accepted reluctantly and now I can no longer be sure I receive calls being made to me.

"Calls frequently drop out, in spite of the phone showing four bars of reception, or a call arrives when there are no reception bars go figure!"

Stranger still, when Mrs Lockyer was in Sydney recently, colleagues trying to call her as she walked around Sydney University repeatedly received a recorded message telling them 'that phone is not available on this network'.

After phoning Telstra Mrs Lockyer has now been told, as is reportedly the case for many rural residents, that her phone may be faulty.

"So now it's possibly a problem with the phone but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

"All the advertising leads us to expect this should be readily available, and conversely, people expect you to have a mobile phone and be contactable.

"We are being funnelled into this reliability on mobile phones but the reliability is not there."

Mrs Lockyer said the Telstra suggestion she could be issued with a booster antenna was not really helpful either.

"We need phones and a network that works properly I am really not impressed."

In recent weeks Telstra Country Wide advertisements have had the Mid North Coast area general manager, Michael Sharpe, announcing Telstra had met its commitment to provide the same or better coverage on the Next G network as available on CDMA.

"The Next G network now exceeds CDMA coverage by around 40,000 square kilometres and with the necessary fine tuning of the network completed, we plan to switch off the ageing CDMA network on January 28, 2008," Mr Sharpe said.

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