New recruits a knockout


THE shed aligning boxing trainer Terry Baff's Boambee house is currently overflowing with talent. Baff has welcomed six boxers ? Brad Costelloe, Ben Dickman, Rob Hay, Adam Costelloe, Kyle Nicole and Michael Wallis ? to his training shed in the last two months and couldn't be happier with their progress. The group train with Baff and his son Daniel, an Australian Olympic hopeful until a broken thumb ruled him out for four months early this year. "I have seen them improve a lot since they first came to me," Terry enthused. "I am very excited by what I have picked up. "They all have a bit of ability, as long as they take everything on board and give me 100 percent, I think they will go well." Baff expects two things from all his boxers ? dedication and a willingness to learn. "I don't charge them anything to train with me, but in return I expect they give me 100 percent and listen," Baff said. "If they don't, then I am not interested. "But I am very happy at the moment. "The best part is that they try everything they learn and practice it at home." Of his new additions, Baff has been most impressed by Brad Costelloe and Dickman. Brad Costelloe came to Baff with one professional fight under his belt and has impressed immediately. "Brad is probably the standout at this stage," Baff said. "He would be one of the most dedicated boxers I have seen, he is always on time to training and is very keen. In Dickman, Baff also believes he has inherited a boxer with potential. "Ben is learning things every day and his technique is getting better and better," he said.

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