New market plan for the foreshores

JETTY Foreshores will host a weekly open air market if Coffs Harbour City Council approves a new proposal tonight.

Coffs Harbour businesswoman Kim Towner has applied for a licence to operate an open-air market every Sunday on a section of the northern Jetty Foreshores, south of Marina Drive.

Coffs Harbour City Council planners have recommended a temporary one-year approval.

The proposal is for a market for local growers, producers, food vendors, artists and craftspeople, with live entertainment as part of a weekly gathering which would encourage people to get together in a friendly atmosphere.

Ms Towner, who will address councillors at tonight's meeting said yesterday she believed the proposed Harbourside Markets would be quite different and would complement Coffs Harbour's two existing Sunday markets the Jetty Markets at the Jetty Village and the Top Town Markets in Castle Street - and the Thursday Growers Market. She said many people could not access this market.

Ms Towner, who operates Tangelos Juice and Wrap Bar in City Square, said she was a great believer in the benefits of shopping locally and had been talking with local growers and producers for months.

"It is old-fashioned but it creates a sense of community," she said.

She is planning to offer two stalls to local charities or non-profit organisations for displays or fund-raising and is also keen encourage people in start-up businesses.

Ms Towner is in talks with the Enterprise and Training Company to put together a proposal which would see young people selling produce for local farmers unable to attend the markets.

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