Never-licensed? driver on a road to nowhere

COFFS HARBOUR'S Corrie Gregory Walsh has never held a licence, but he's already banned from driving until 2014.

Yesterday, the 24-year-old tiler faced Coffs Harbour Local Court on charges of driving while disqualified, using an unregistered vehicle, and using an uninsured vehicle.

Magistrate Judith Fleming recorded no convictions, and no further disqualification periods, but placed Walsh on a 12-month good behaviour bond and ordered him to complete a traffic education program.

His solicitor, Hugo Schleiger, told the court Walsh had planned with a friend to go on a morning trailbike ride on April 9 in State forest near Dairyville, when police approached him near the forest entrance.

It was close to his friend's house, where he keeps the 'bush bike'.

"The defendant certainly will endeavour to transport the bike to these areas rather than riding on a seemingly public road," Mr Schleiger said.

"He never intends to drive in a domestic capacity again. He knows he's skating on thin ice and he knows he's likely to go to jail.

"His hobby is to ride on motorbikes (for recreation) when he can."

Ms Fleming said she was 'trying to break his cycle of digging himself into a big hole'.

She wanted to know why, if Walsh was so keen on riding, he hadn't obtained a licence.

Mr Schleiger said Walsh's interests revolved around mechanics, bikes and cars. He also said Walsh 'can't see the light to put himself in a position' to get a licence.

He said Walsh's employer drove him to and from jobs and relied on his availability for work.

Ms Fleming told Walsh: "Each time you drive while disqualified, the court is required to add another two years, and the Roads and Traffic Authority adds another five on top of that'.

The court heard Walsh had admitted to police he was disqualified when they approached him on April 9.

The officers had been attending an unrelated accident in the area at the time.

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