Neighbours woken by sound of car accident


THE early morning quiet of Beryl Street was shattered on Sunday when a car slammed into a tree on the corner of Gallipoli Road.

But lack of sleep was the least of the residents' concerns as they rushed to help the two teenagers involved in the accident.

A woman who lived just up the road from the scene was awake at the time.

"I heard a car go down Gallipoli Road then turn back," the woman, who didn't want to be named, said.

"Then I heard screeching brakes, and then the car hitting the gutter before it hit the tree.

"It sounded like the car lost it on the corner and then there was a loud bang."

Yesterday, all that remained of the accident was some broken glass, tyre marks and an oil stain against the tree on Beryl Street opposite the tennis courts, but at 2.30am Sunday the street was a hive of activity.

Another witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said he heard the noise and came out and saw a lot of people out on the street.

"All the neighbours were doing what they could, checking them for clear airways, supporting their heads," he said.

"Someone put a blanket on the passenger, too."

Several residents reported that Beryl Street was known as a road used by 'hoons', often on Friday and Saturday nights.

"Most weekends there are cars screaming up and down the street," a resident said.

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