Narrow escape

MANY Coffs Harbour motorists have voiced their concerns about sharing their local road with trucks, but one man from Toormina has a souvenir of a close call that beggars belief.

After returning from a job in Valla last week Mark narrowly escaped serious injury and losing control of his vehicle when a piece of underbody flew from an oncoming truck, dented his bonnet and shattered his windscreen.

This incident occurred at Pine Creek and Mark admits he's lucky to have escaped unharmed.

"The part flipped up and struck the car and the windscreen, I think it was sent flying by the back wheel of the truck passing me," Mark said.

When the piece hit Mark's windscreen it shattered glass through his car and Mark said he's lucky he was wearing sunglasses.

Some glass pieces splattered his arms, with other pieces even making their way down his boots and into his feet.

From here Mark had to pull over and wait for someone to tow his vehicle back to Toormina.

"I travel this road about once a month," Mark said.

"This is one of those freak accidents and I guess it makes you appreciate your weekend."

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