Nambucca estuary is a concern


NAMBUCCA Shire councillors paid close attention to the minutes from their estuary and coastline management committee at their first meeting of 2007 on Thursday night.

Of particular concern to Cr Rhonda Hoban was an unbudgetted financial committment made by the council in the Forging Partnerships Project grant application, aimed at improving the health of the Nambucca River estuary.

"Will the on-costs of having the project officer here in council be reimbursed under the terms of the grant?" Cr Hoban asked.

The director of engineering, Bruce Redman, said the costs equated to the council's support and strengthened the chances of a successful application.

Cr Hoban was however not happy at the lack of proper budgeting for the costs.

Cr Paula Flack's amendment for the space to be offered for a 12-month trial period was accepted.

"This is a worthy project and we should support it," Cr Flack said.

Oyster grower concerns about the impact on harvest zones of possible septic run-off from caravan parks at peak holiday time and sediment laden run-off were also addressed.

The council voted to carry out one inspection of each of the two caravan parks in question during the peak season to ensure compliance and agreed development conditions for approved applications should include strict sediment con- trols.

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