Heritage Park residents don?t want to change to Woolgoolga?s postcode.
Heritage Park residents don?t want to change to Woolgoolga?s postcode.

Move doesn?t add up


HERITAGE Park resident Brian Kennedy is hopping mad, but it's not because he's trying to ape the antics of the area's iconic kangaroo population.

Mr Kennedy and his neighbours gathered in the streets on Wednesday to discuss the proposal by the council to 'move' Heritage Park from Moonee Beach to Emerald Beach.

They're not happy, believing the 'move' will lead to a reduction in property values.

The reason for the proposed change is due to a postcode anomaly being experienced by Australia Post.

According to a council spokesperson, Australia Post approached the council requesting that Heritage Park be changed to the Woolgoolga 2456 postcode from the current Coffs Harbour 2450 postcode to avoid delays in postal delivery.

At present, Heritage Park is serviced by a Coffs Harbour deliverer and Avocado Heights, to the immediate north, is serviced by a Woolgoolga deliverer due to the difference in postcode.

"Currently, the demarcation line runs between Heritage Park and Avocado Heights, yet if you look at the natural geographic boundary, it makes sense to include Heritage Park into Emerald Beach," the council spokesperson said.

A point which Mr Kennedy strongly contests.

"There is a real concern that our property values will decrease as we will no longer be regarded as Coffs Harbour, but Woolgoolga," Mr Ken-nedy said.

"If you are doing an internet search for properties via postcode, then Heritage Park will no longer come up if we are changed to 2456.

"Now, this estate was developed and marketed as being prestige hectares in close vicinity to Coffs Harbour. Also, we have historically been associated with Moonee Beach, not Emerald Beach."

The council spokesperson encouraged residents to either write to or phone the council to express their opinion about the proposed change.

Residents' suggestions will be included in a report to council. If the council decides to change the locality, the proposal will then be forwarded to the Geographic Names Board for consideration.

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