Motorcyclist killed


A FERNMOUNT man died in a motorcycle accident on the Eastern Dorrigo Way (Ulong Road) last Friday.

Jason Brian Case, 37, was killed instantly when his motorcycle hit a logging truck on a sharp bend in a 100km/h zone about seven kilometres west of Coramba just before 3pm on August 10.

The accident closed the road for about five hours and stopped the school bus.

Eastern Dorrigo residents were also affected, with some unable to get home until late on Friday evening.

The road is the main route to Ulong and Lowanna. Police said the motorcyclist had crossed the unbroken single centre line when he collided with the passenger side fuel tank of a logging truck which was travelling about 20km/h.

Lowanna resident Kerry Pritchard, whose teenage daughter was on the school bus, said some parents had driven down from Lowanna and Ulong and walked their children past the accident to get them home.

She said it had been 10pm before she was able to get home.

"I ended up going a very long way round," Mrs Pritchard said.

"(Eastern Dorrigo Way) is the only sealed main road - the other roads in the area are dirt roads for four-wheel drives or not suitable for low cars.

She said the road was dangerous for those not familiar with it.

"There's not a lot of guard rails and signage and there is a state forest area so there are a lot of big trucks," she said.

Residents wondered why it took police more than two hours to arrive, but police said they had been given the wrong location.

A police spokesman said they had acknowledged the job at 4.09pm and responded to the location given, but then received information from other emergency services that the initial information!was incorrect and had arrived at the accident at 5.25pm.

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