Moran ?steaming


CHRIS MORAN has seen enough cricket from every angle not to get carried away all that often.

But 24 hours after Bellingen's controversial one-run loss to Nana Glen at Fitzroy Oval on Saturday, the veteran opener was still steaming over umpire Chris Laden's interpretations of the 'Laws of Cricket'.

Particularly Law 42 (section 14) relating to 'Batsman damaging the pitch'.

Laden penalised Bello 15 runs for allegedly treading on the wicket, a claim Moran vehemently disputes.

"I was taught the game should be decided by the ability displayed on the day by the teams involved," Moran spat.

"For 20 or so overs until I got out, there were no problems, so read into that what you will.

"But as soon as young Sean (Cash) was left to fend for himself, he's supposed to have been encroaching on the middle.

"I believe he was running on the side and being called has not only cost us the game, it's also cost Sean a century."

Cash carried over his brilliant opening round form to finish with a knock of 91 in a total of 4-219.

"Beside the 15-run penalty there was a four and a single we didn't get credited so it's actually 20 runs the difference," Moran fumed.

"When you recognise we were overtaken with only seven balls remaining you can understand how we feel."

Nana Glen skipper Matt Andrews wasn't buying into the controversy other than agreeing the outcome was a 'close run thing'.

"All I want to say is they (Bellingen) were warned," he said, before opening up on his own moment of gloom.

Four runs shy of a century, Andrew cracked the winning run with a single, not knowing how close he was to triple figures.

Would he have had a lash had he been aware?

"Two bloody right," he laughed.

"If I'd holed out we still had a couple of balls and fresh batsmen up our sleeve."

That sort of levity can only increase the pain of his rival Moran.

"Enough to say I'm far from happy," Moran said.

"My blokes already knew their value and now, they're certain of it.

"Whether it's us or any other team, nobody deserves to be killed off by the rule book."

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