Mob rule... Cull call after more attacks


KANGAROOS have become such a danger in Hungry Head, a second resident has called for a State Government-organised cull.

Following our front page story yesterday about kangaroos attacking local farmers, another resident, who did not wish to be named, said he, his wife and his four-year old son had all been attacked by a kangaroo in the last 18 months.

His son was hospitalised with deep cuts to his head and chest following a 2006 attack and he said the child had been traumatised for six months afterwards, having trouble sleeping and afraid to venture outside on his own.

While defending his wife with a steel rake from an aggressive female roo in what he believed to be the third attack by the same animal on their property, the macadamia farmer was forced to kill it.

In an effort to keep the animals away, he said they bought a car-mounted device emitting a high-pitched noise, but had not found it very effective.

His concern echoes that of Jenny Farquhar, who said her family was being regularly menaced by the animals on their 15ha Hungry Head macadamia.

The nut growers say fencing out the animals would be prohibitively expensive.

Yesterday Bellingen Shire Council general manager Mile Colreavy said there had been only one incident involving roos at the cabins, but the council would monitor the situation.

Mr Colreavy said last month a small child which came between a female and her joey had been taken to hospital for a checkup after being scratched, but not seriously hurt by a male kangaroo.

The family have since booked a return holiday at the cabins.

Coffs Harbour rifle club member Bill Farrell, who travels to the New England Tablelands to shoot feral animals for landholders, said people with problem roos should get the required NPWS permit, contact their local rifle club for an experienced member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and arrange to go out for the day the shooter was at work.

Mr Farrell said there were continuing problems with people moving from the city on to hobby farms.

"There are more kangaroos in Australia now than there were when Captain Cook landed," he said.

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