Mixed views from clubs


REACTIONS from clubs to the CRL's decision to reinstate Gimbisi Warriors into the Group 2 competition have been just like the many and varied opinions being offered from across the entire rugby league community.

Most have expressed surprise at the Warriors receiving a reprieve from the CRL for a second year in a row as it's seen as a giant vote of no confidence in the abilities of those running the game in the area, some have expressed concern for the future of the group while others have stated that they never had an issue with the Warriors in the first place.

One club president who has taken that stance is Nambucca Heads' Anthony Field.

Field bases his opinion on the fact that he's never seen any evidence of player or crowd problems from the Kempsey based club.

"I've got no worries with the Warriors being let back in as our club has never had an issue with them," he explained.

"I've never seen any poor behaviour from their players or the supporters."

Coffs Harbour's president Ian Trengove was left absolutely bemused at the way the CRL overturned the Group's decision and said that he feels sorry for those who are running the game.

"I just don't believe that the CRL don't support the people who are running the game in this area," he added.

"I believe the people who are running the Group have done a great job but they don't appear to be getting the same support from outside the Group.

"The Group and the referees have all given the same evidence and I don't believe we can all be that wrong."

Panthers president Mark Maynard admitted that he was equally as shocked as Trengove by the lack of support towards the game's officials.

"I was very surprised. I thought the Group took the action they had to and to be overruled, it's a kick in the arse for them, I mean what's the use of them being there?," he asked.

"It's happened though so we get on with it and we go down there next week."

As the coach of Sawtell, Craig Wallace just wants to concentrate on what's going to take place on the field, preferring to stay well away from the politics that surrounds the situation.

"We've just got to go down there and play footy," he said.

"It's unfortunate that supporter wise they had a lot of their supporters that let them down which is a real shame but it's not just down there either it's everywhere.

"We've got the same, we've got supporters that carry on that shouldn't carry on the way they did but that's footy mate and you've got to cop it.

"It's country footy and you go there on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy the day with your family and that's how it should be."

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